Video: DMU’s pancake-flipping champion talks advice and glory – and winning drunk!

By Ben Sanderson

De Montfort University’s Students’ Union will host its annual Injunction Pancake Toss Competition tomorrow(WedFEB19).

It kicks off at 11pm and will take place on the main stage in the Function Room inside the Students’ Union Building and has attracted a lot of interest on social media.

Last year’s winner, Joseph Collins, talked of his victory: “I won by 10 pancakes!

“There were 2 other people and it took place on the stage of the Function Room.

“I won by ten pancakes, because I built up a bit of rhythm after being drunk at first, and then got into it!”

Joseph Collins

He said that being drunk during the competition was actually a blessing in disguise, despite the fact that he dropped his pancake at the start of the contest.

“I was quite drunk on stage, which helped me relax, and I have good hand-eye co-ordination, so that helped too.

“You need to go on stage a bit drunk, so you’re not worried about what everyone else is thinking, get rid and relax the nerves a little, and then if you drop it, just shake it off and just try and build a bit of rhythm, just keep going from there.”

The competition was part of four which Joseph and his housemate won over the course of last year: “The first one was a hot dog eating [contest] and I have a big mouth so I took really big bites.

“My flatmate won a spicy wings contest, which is amazing because he doesn’t like spicy food, but he was drunk so he went for it!

“The third one was the pancake-flipping.

“Then my mate won a hot dog eating contest and he’s got a big mouth too so he used that.”

He regrets not eating his pancake, though: “I wish I did eat the pancake, but no, I threw it into the crowd! I just got a bit excited.”

Joseph says he may still take part in this year’s competition to defend his title, but does not know.

Joseph being congratulated
Joseph flipping a pancake
Joseph working hard on the pancakes
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