Leicester Comedy Festival review: Bilal Zafar at Peter Pizzeria


Reviewed by Jummy Adebiyi

Minder? You know what that is? Muslim Tinder! I bet you never would have guessed that, right? Get searching, ladies and gents.  But before you do, read the rest of this review…

For a work-in-progress show, Bilal Zafar certainly hit the mark. He had the crowd in  hysterics with a gut-busting performance.

Bilal made sure the atmosphere was right. The lighting was nice and there was some good music playing in the background as the audience filtered in. He was on time and did not leave the crowd waiting, which is always a plus. He started with ease and exuded confidence during his performance. And even though this was an as-yet unfinished show it really didn’t seem it. Even the times when he went off on a tangent, the jokes still landed.

The show was based on Zafar’s experience working a private care home for a year on a zero-hours contract. “I’ve been conditioned to hate millionaires,” he said, “now I was meant to be keeping them alive. I’m basically like a chicken who supports KFC.”

But the premise didn’t tie him down. He moved swiftly between different topics, moving the show on so it never felt stagnant. It was clear Bilal is someone who has studied the art of comedy and has a true passion for it.

Needless to say I would definitely recommend going to watch him perform. I mean, who wouldn’t want a night full of great laughs? Bilal Zafar, one to keep an eye out for.

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