Shy FX headlines electric Beastwang rave at the O2 Academy Leicester

DJ Distinkt playing his set before Shy FX made his entrance

By Adam Rear

DJ Shy FX headlined the Beastwang event at the O2 Academy on Saturday(JAN31).

Kobe JT warmed up the crowd from 10 until 11.30pm as more people arrived at the venue.

He was followed by rising DJs Flava D and Distinkt who continued to warm up the crowd until Shy FX made his entrance.

Shy FX came onto the stage at 1.30am, followed by some impressive pyrotechnics and screaming from the avid fans ready to see the main event.

Smoke and flames hyped up the crowd as Shy FX played hit after hit – from fan favourites such as Original Nuttah, and more obscure songs, such as Come Together (by Urbandawn and Tyson Kelly), a remix of the popular Beatles track.

DJ Distinkt playing his set before Shy FX made his entrance

Second year University of Leicester student, Ciara Clarke, said: “Beastwang was incredible. I rep for them and the brand seems to be getting stronger with successful nights like this one.

“Beastwang is part of the Leicester student experience nowadays, with most people now going at least once as they see it as part of the student scene.

“As with a lot of these types of events, there are many people who take drugs either before or during the night, a rising issue for students when they are done in a dangerous way.

“Venues do not help when it comes to reducing drug use, with pints costing £6 whereas a pill usually costs around £5.

“This means that people who want to just drink will get obliterated at pre-drinks so that they can save money at the event.

“I think there should be drug testing at events like Beastwang. Many festivals have drug testing and that helps to limit the damage they can cause.”

Tickets to future events at the O2 Academy Leicester can be found here


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