DMU students change lives in Ahmedabad

By Shantelle Gondo

De Montfort University Leicester student volunteers are changing lives in Ahmedabad in India by supporting a charity to help the people in the city.

The ongoing two-week trip to India involves 18 DMU Square Mile India students, who flew there last week, working alongside the Manav Sadhna charity, in order to help transform people’s lives.

It is one of several such trips during the past three years lasting one week, this being the first time a two-week trio has been run.

DMUlocal’s co-ordinator, Harriet Pole, said: “This is a chance to give back and reflect on, also it’s something that students can talk about when being employed.”

During this trip, students have an opportunity to make a positive impact with the local community and engage in many projects.

The projects involved are:

  • Moving Together – a creative dance social enterprise business from Leicester which has joined this trip, with students able to lead sessions in schools.
  • Paryavaran Mitra program (friends of the environment) – which aims to create young leaders in India with awareness and commitment and DMU students will have an opportunity to assist the young leaders.
  • Gramshee – which supports the women in the community with skills training such as catering and stitching, with DMU students able to engage with these activities.

Other projects include kitchen projects, sports, arts and crafts, elderly care, earn N learn , and education.

Harriet said: “I took a group of students to the trip, it really changes your life and makes you think about what we take for granted.”

An upcoming trip to India is being planned for February 22-29 2020. To find out more and take part, email

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