The Crow’s Nest to host “one of the biggest” Fireworks Night displays in Leicester

By Ben Sanderson

There will be a fireworks display at The Crow’s Nest pub to commemorate Guy Fawkes Night tonight.

The display will start at 6pm and will last for an hour.

It will be a large display, taking place in a car park outside the pub in Glenfield Road, Leicester, which shall be emptied of cars for the event, so that traffic can be blocked from the area of the display.

The Crow’s Nest pub


The Crow’s Nest has decided to press ahead with its fireworks display because the weather forecast for the afternoon is clear, despite numerous cancellations of other displays scheduled for tonight due to earlier forecasts of bad weather.

Manager Ray Cooper said: “I’ve spent thousands on this.

“There will be a barbecue and two DJs for entertainment.”

Admission for the event is free and customers will be sectioned off from the large fireworks display for safety reasons.

Glenfield Road, where The Crow’s Nest is

Mr Cooper revealed: “This is one of the biggest fireworks displays in the whole of Leicester. We’re expecting a lot of people to attend.”

A number of other Bonfire Night events were cancelled due to forecast bad weather owing to heavy rain this morning, but Mr Cooper and his staff believe theirs can go ahead because the weather was supposed to be clear from 3pm onwards.

The Wishes 4 Kids charity event scheduled to be at Ilston-on-the-Hill tonight was one such event that has been cancelled, with people particularly disappointed because of how much money the event was expected to raise for charity.

According to the Leicester Mercury, last year’s event raised £17,500 for charity.

The fireworks display is the main event at The Crow’s Nest tonight, which also is offering entertainment from 5pm until late.

The Crow’s Nest is at 1 Glenfield Road, Leicester, LE3 5QW. Follow @thecrowies on Facebook for more details.

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