De Montfort University student helping special needs children and changing lives

Panashe Chenjera

By Ben Sanderson

A De Montfort University criminology student has spent the last week helping children with special needs.

He has been helping at Pebble Brook School, a community school for children with special educational needs, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Panashe Chenjera, 19, said that he found the work challenging but rewarding.

Panashe Chenjera

Chenjera said that he helped the children with “reading and writing” and even “a show they needed help to prepare for”.

In particular, he helped them with reading books and writing letters to fellow pupils, and with their acting roles in the play, helping students speak out and give energetic performances.

The show was reportedly very successful.

Chenjera said the work was challenging, but not too difficult: “It just takes them a while to understand stuff.”

He further said: “When you teach someone who finds it more difficult to achieve, it feels great!”

He also said he would love to do the work again.

Helping children with special educational needs is becoming an increasingly important role in our society and people like Panashe Chenjera are really helping out a good cause by doing this line of work.

It is helping children with learning difficulties to attain the same level of education, enjoyment and experience as children without them, and is hence giving them a great platform to improve themselves and lead great, fulfilling lives.

If you would like to find out more about Panashe’s work, see his Twitter handle @panashe or his Snapchat account @panashe2000.


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