Video: The amazing moment Drake takes centre stage at Club Republic


By Alexandra Smith

The four-time Grammy Award winning artist, Drake, appeared in the Leicester Club, Republic last night.

After his performance in Birmingham, the God’s Plan star was set to enter Club Republic for the ‘official after party’.

The world-famous rapper confirmed speculations yesterday on his Instagram story after denying Leicester fans his presence two years ago.

Thousands of people turned up to see the superstar appear for around 20 minutes.

De Montfort University student, Hafsa Yassin, 21, was one of them. She said: “It was honestly amazing! I was sceptical about whether or not he would turn up but I was always able to get a refund of my ticket worst case.”

She added: “Obviously it was not a full concert but considering the tickets were only £20 to £30 I felt it was great value as he performed for at least half an hour and made sure the whole crowd was involved.”

In 2016, the club had hosted another event labelled Drake’s after party although the evening was cut short whilst the venue stated that the artist could “no longer fulfill the booking because of matters out of his control”, said Sarah Beesley, 28, a promoter for Club Republic.

She added: “We were not sure exactly how many people were at the venue last night but it was a sell out; there was a complete road block as it was going to be the biggest event in the city to date.”


Drake at Club Republic (Photo: by Brad Smith)

Although, there was still speculation about the rapper’s appearance which was not helped by the post on the official Facebook page stating: “In the event of cancellation the Promoter, ‘The Project UK’ have agreed for ticket monies to be refunded”.

Tickets were being sold by the venue starting from £22 plus a booking fee with VIP tickets commencing at £50.

The 28-year-old promoter confirmed earlier that Drake would be making an appearance on stage, which had been in the process of being set up all day, “The stage looked amazing! Drake was at Republic after his show in Birmingham alongside the resident house DJ’s, DJ Dre and DJ Uncle Teo.”

Sarah added: “In terms of whether or not Drake was going to be performing or not, we wanted to make it a surprise”.

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  1. We luv you Drizzy


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