“A PUNtastic hour!”-The best one-liners in Leicester

By Bethany Spence

As the annual Leicester Comedy Festival continues to spread joy among the masses, Manhattan 34 played host to “A PUNchline Hour!” on Tuesday (FEB19th).

The hour-long event was a celebration of one-liner comedians from across the UK hosted by Leicester Comedy Festival Best Joke Nominee 2018, Chris Norton Walker.

Sharing the stage with him were six other notable comedians, known to frequent the festival and others like it such as the ever-popular Edinburgh Fringe.

Among these were Matt Holly (Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2004), Lovedev Barpaga (UK Pun Championship winner) and Adele Cliff, two-time consecutive winner of Dave’s Funniest Jokes of the Fringe.

Thanks to a balanced mix of downright cheesy jokes and poorly disguised innuendos, the crowd’s laughter did not cease throughout the night, especially when each set was speckled with the infectious giggles of Mr Norton-Walker, heard from the back room.

The Leicester Comedy Festival draws to a close this Sunday, with limited free tickets still available via the website.

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