A cultural extravaganza – Cosmopolitan Arts to keep Leicester alight for Chinese New Year

By Perry Johnson

The Leicester nightscape is set to be illuminated this Saturday as Cosmopolitan Arts continues the city’s Chinese New Year celebrations with multiple free events – including a light show.

The team will be kicking off the festivities with a cultural celebration from 11am to 5pm at the New Walk Museum, which is set to include performances by traditional dancers, martial artists and Chinese band Euphoria.

Happy New Year! Leicester celebrates the Chinese New Year

Following this, a large-scale light show will be held from 5.20pm to 6pm at the New Market Square which will include an original dance produced by Cosmopolitan Arts especially for the event.

Alongside dances in the city centre and a festive lantern display at the Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower, the company hopes that these free events will bring Leicester’s diverse communities together.

Cosmopolitan Arts said: “What we aim for with large-scale art based events like these is to break down cultural barriers and bring different communities together through a mutual love for the arts.”

Alongside their larger events, the company also provides community based multi-arts tuition throughout the year in fields such as photography, dance and creative writing.

Cosmopolitan Arts continued: “We organise a variety of arts-based workshops and commission work from individual artists or groups. We want to connect more people with the arts and make a positive difference in the community while doing so.”

The company, formerly known as Kaleidoscope Arts, has already got several successful arts-based events under their belt – including their ‘Youth Arts Project’ and the annual Cosmopolitan Carnival.

For more information about Cosmopolitan Arts and their upcoming Chinese New Year festive celebrations this Saturday visit: https://cosmopolitanarts.wordpress.com

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