Pitch black dining on offer at Leicester venue

By Finn Moore

20181214_112443.jpgSpirits Bar, Hotel Street, Leicester.

A bespoke dining in the dark event is happening in Leicester on Monday (DEC17).

Spirits Bar, Hotel Street, Leicester, is holding an event where people try different food in complete darkness.

This event is where customers try a six-course taster menu in pitch black in order to encourage people to judge by taste instead of looks or smell of food.

The idea was brought to Spirits when they came into contact with a local business called Devil’s Dinner who cater for events.

The ingredients will remain secret but there are vegetarian options available.

The menu includes dishes called ‘Eve’s apple’ and ‘Sacrificial Bone’.

Grant, a worker from Spirits, said: “It’s an interesting concept and suits our image so it’s a good start to the events we plan to hold here.

“We have been looking at different kinds of events we could bring to Spirits and ones the community can enjoy, one of which was a dining experience.”

With tickets selling for £20 and at limited numbers the Leicestershire Press asked the public if they would be interested in attending this event.

Charlotte Coburn, a Media and Communications student at De Montfort University, said: “I would like to try it for the experience but I would be scared in case I didn’t like something.”

Lewis Young, a Psychology with Criminology student at DMU, said: “I don’t think I’d enjoy it because I’d feel self-conscious that something could happen to me or the food.”

Of everyone asked, half claimed they would be interested in going to try this new experience but some were worried about the contents.

The event starts at 8pm and tickets can be bought at the bar or by ringing the venue on 0116 2961292.



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