‘Consent’ t-shirts hit DMU


By Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

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DMU Students’ Union started selling t-shirts with the slogan “I Love Consent” today(FRI,DEC14) at the SUpplies shop, to raise awareness about the topic and gather donations to the Rape Crisis and First Step organisations.

This campaign started last year after an idea from one of the officers. However, this year they have opened the donations to the Rape Crisis Leicester, which supports women who were victims of rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence either recently or in the past, and First Step which supports male survivors of sexual abuse and rape across Leicestershire and Rutland.

The t-shirts are selling for £6.99 and the money raised will be divided to guarantee that support is open to women and men.

Mollie Footitt, Deputy President for Education at the Students’ Union, said: “The campaign aims to open the discussion about consent because we must be talking about it and make sure that people are more comfortable speaking about it.

“It is really vital and very close to a lot of people’s hearts. As a union, we are doing everything we can to raise awareness about it and support amazing organisations.”

The t-shirts will also be used during the Reclaim the Night walk in February and several other events which are being planned by the Students’ Union and the Mandala Project.

Mollie added: “I’ve already bought one and I’m looking forward to wearing it around campus.”

Syahmee Shefiee, a DMU student, said: “The design is not that appealing to me because it is really simple but I would consider buying it anyway for the cause.”

The t-shirts are already being sold at the SUpplies shop and will be available there until they sell out.

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