Leicester’s annual Riverside Festival provides fun for the whole family

By Harry Rogers




One of Leicester’s largest free festivals returned today, entertaining the 25,000 people who will attend the event over the weekend.

The annual Riverside festival delivered on all accounts with boats swarming the River Soar, accompanied by a carnival atmosphere on land where there was entertainment, live music and stalls selling all sorts of products.

One visitor smiles by the River Soar

Mandeep Kaur, one of the festival’s organisers said: “I hope people coming along to the event over the weekend leave feeling like it was fun and enjoyable.

“I also hope they get the experience of being able to take part in water activities like canoeing and dragon boat racing. There is also a large amount of free aspects which include music, dances, arts and entertainment.”

New to the 2018 agenda is Art on the River, a new initiative thought up where local artists can display and sell their work at the river bed.

Castle Gardens also hosted a brand new Broken Records Swing Festival with live music and swing dance lessons for all to take part in.

Alastair Macintyre smiles outside his boat with a product on sale

The festival housed a number of charity stalls including The Baldwin Trust, an organisation that provides boat trips for all, no matter what.

Alastair Macintyre, 77, a volunteer from the trust said: “We came to the festival to mainly recruit more crew. We have two boats and we’re desperate for more crew.

“We’ve ordered a new boat which will be available in mid-July, so crew is the most important thing.”

The festival continues tomorrow in Bede Park, Castle Gardens and along the river, you can find out more information at visitleicester.info.


River Soar




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