Commonwealth boxing silver medallist talks about Gold Coast achievement

By Alice Warner

Leicester’s own Paige Murney wins the women’s boxing silver medal at the Commonwealth games.

On Saturday, April 14, Paige, 23, was awarded the silver medal after a tiring 5-0 loss against Australia’s Anja Stridsman in the lightweight (60kg) final.

Paige Semi Final

Paige Murney (Right) after beating Nigeria’s Yetunde Odunuga en-route to securing a silver medal

She said: “I felt on top of the world when I secured a medal. All my hard work over the years had paid off.

“Going into the tournament, I knew what I was capable of, but there wasn’t any pressure on me as I only had limited experience internationally and I’ve only been on the GB part-time programme for less than a year.”

On the day Paige posted that she was disappointed that it wasn’t the gold medal but there is much more to come from her, she told me: “I knew I was capable of a gold medal I just had to perform on the big stage.”

Paige trains at Leicester Unity Boxing Club in Beaumont Leys with Ajmal Butt.

Leicester have shown their spirit and supported Paige in the many, she said: “I have a lot of support in Leicester, my two coaches (Hudge and Shaun), CJ one of our boxers and my mum all came out here to support me.

Paige First Day in Athlete Village

Paige’s first day in the athlete’s village, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia.

Paige Quarter Final

Paige Murney (left) after beating Northern Ireland’s Alanna Nihell and securing a bronze medal

“I cannot believe the support I have had back home from Leicester, I had so many messages. I am grateful to everyone that has supported me.”

Paige will now be working towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and with her determination and skill there is no doubt that she will be representing us there.

Boxing is not as well known or well televised as other sports, it can look difficult and punishing to the body which may put people off training, but if you think that this is something you could do, as Paige has shown, it can be very rewarding.

She added: “I would say to anyone, the harder you work for something, the more likely you are to achieve your goal, and just go for it.

“If you put 100% into something and it doesn’t work out, then at least you know that you gave your all.”

Paige has definitely put Leicester on the map for boxing and sport, if you’re interested in boxing, visit the Unity Boxing website to see where Paige trained and how you can get involved.

England came second on the leaderboard for the games with 45 gold medals, 45 silver medals and 46 bronze medals.



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