Phoenix screenwriting workshops to run this evening

By Matthew Chandler


As well as critical work, Jason Lee is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, poet, and novelist

The head of De Montfort University (DMU)’s Leicester Media School has encouraged students to take part in screenwriting workshops this evening (Wed, Apr 18).

Jason Lee, professor of culture and creative writing at DMU, will lead the free session at the Phoenix cinema, Leicester, with his colleague, Christopher Walker, as part of DMU’s Festival of Teaching.

A beginners’ workshop will run from 6.30-7.30pm, followed by refreshments and networking from 7.30-8pm, before an intermediary workshop from 8-9pm.

Professor Lee said: “We will be introducing people to the skills of screenwriting, how to generate ideas, working on structure and plot devices.

“There are about 30 people coming, which is great; we have had to move into a larger room because the group is larger than planned.”

Professor Lee plans to use the workshop to promote unique opportunities offered through various postgraduate Master of Arts (MA) courses.

Last September, DMU joined forces with Pinewood studios, home to such film franchises as James Bond and Star Wars, to offer a master’s degree focused on how films are made through getting investment, budgeting, projecting, and lots more.

Following its roaring success, two more exciting opportunities will launch soon.

He said: “We had to cap it [at 20 places] as we had too many students. This year, from September, students can opt to do MA scriptwriting, just writing, or the MA international film production.”

The new course is named ‘script development’ which, Professor Lee said, will give students more employment opportunities.

He explained: “If some students have skills in a certain area, we sometimes get approached by companies saying, ‘Can you do this?’”

“The students get paid- we sometimes take a commission- but it’s good, because students are not working for nothing.

In addition, two MA students will have their film ideas brought to life, with the rest of the group still key members of the crew.

Professor Lee was also keen to appeal to third year students with aspirations of writing or directing.

He added: “If anyone fancies being a writer or film director or anything like that, they can just email me because you can do an independent study or an MRes [Master of Research]. There are lots of opportunities.”

To book your place, ring the DMU Events Office on 0116 250 6524, or email the office at

For more information, email Jason Lee at



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