Milly Lane’s Café in the heart of DMU Campus set for closure before the end of the month

By Naomi Dann

De Montfort University’s Students’ Union has announced the anticipated closure of the much loved café in the heart of the Campus Centre for the end of the month.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.41.48

Last week Milly Lane’s was closed for several days to undergo an analysis of services and facilities to see whether the investment was cost effective or not.

On 30th January, DMU SU posted an update about Milly Lane’s onto its website stating that the DSU-owned eatery was “costing the union money that could be better invested elsewhere.”

Milly Lane’s has been a roaring success amongst the students at DMU since it opened last January.

Students and staff will be sad to see it go – Lissie, a second year Psychology student at DMU, said she was devastated to see it go. She joked: “Where am I going to get my hangover cure of cheesy chips from now?”

Many students were not aware that the closure of Milly Lane’s was even in consideration, and many were confused as to why the SU would close such a busy and vibrant place dedicated to students.

The statement published onto the DMU SU website also stated that the money invested into Milly Lane’s would be better invested in something else that would “further increase academic representation.”

It is not known what this proposal might be. If you have any thoughts or ideas on this topic, please e-mail or for further information regarding the closure


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