DMU Fashion student seeks to take Leicester to Thailand

By George Picton-Clark

A Fashion Buying student at De Montfort University who as a child helped on projects with orphans in Thailand is urging others to gain their own global experiences.


Skye Coston, aged 18.

At the fragile age of eight, Skye Coston, now 18, was involved in a “nerve-racking but life-changing” experience travelling with her mother and brother on the trip of a lifetime.

To most eight-year-olds, a dream trip would be to Disneyland, not the other side of the world in the poverty stricken rural villages of Thailand.

“We spent four days in a hostel, it was full of animals which could wander in through the doors, the mosquito nets were broken, but luckily I had my jabs before,” Skye recalled.


Skye Coston, aged 8, in Thailand.

For anyone, an experience like this would be overwhelming and stressful, so for an eight-year-old, it is something rarely experienced by someone who is so used to the comforts of home.

Skye described the next day as “eye-opening and beautiful”. It shaped her ever-growing compassion towards relief work.

“We visited the local orphanage. As soon as I came off the bus all the young girls ran over taking pictures of me.

“Nobody spoke English but it was beautiful because language wasn’t a barrier, we played games and sang Christian songs all day.”

Now, as a student at De Montfort University, Skye expressed her admiration for the services which are currently in place through the #DMUglobal scheme for world travel opportunities to places such as India and Thailand.

“I think the opportunities are great, it’s really made me feel like I’m at the right place with people who have similar views and ethics as I do,” she said.

“I’d love to get involved with more trips in the future and expand on the existing trips which are made available.”

For more information on future opportunities and updates about volunteering trips visit or call 0116 257 7613.



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