Students brush up on breast cancer awareness

By Holly Hume

University students in Leicester were reminded to check their boobs on Friday by the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel.


The charity aims to raise awareness and the team at De Montfort University set up a stall on campus to encourage women to check their boobs for signs of cancer more often.

CoppaFeel was set up by breast cancer survivor Kristin Hallenga in 2009. When she was diagnosed at age 23 she had not realised young people could be affected and decided that awareness needed to increase.

Kristin’s cancer was unfortunately incurable by the time she got around to being checked, so while she lives with the consequences for the rest of her life, her charity strives to inform people of all ages to prevent cases such as hers.

CoppaFeel works with schools, universities and offices across England and teaches the signs of breast cancer in men and women.

The CoppaFeel website states: “We’re here to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer by educating you on the importance of getting to know your boobs!

“Our Mission: To stop breast cancer being diagnosed late or incorrectly by… encouraging you to check your boobs regularly from a young age…educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer….empowering you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist.”

Since the charity is for awareness only, it uses donations to send monthly text reminders to check your boobs for signs of cancer.

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