De Montfort asked to supply names of Brexit lecturers by ‘show off’ MP

By Holly Hume


A politics expert has condemned an MP’s request to acquire university teaching material regarding Brexit.

In an interview with the Leicestershire Press, Alistair Jones, Associate Professor of Politics at De Montfort University, who last year published Britain and the European Union (2nd edition), speaks about Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris’ letter to UK universities.

The letter requested a list of names of those who teach Brexit and access to those teaching materials.


Alistair Jones, Politics lecturer at De Montfort University

The MP later claimed the purpose of the letter was for personal research toward writing a European history book. Many Universities have denied the MP of this information on the grounds his behaviour is, what academics are calling, McCarthyite.

The Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University, Dominic Shellard, has now confirmed that whilst a list of teachers and syllabi was compiled, the results were not sent off to Mr Heaton-Harris.





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