Alcohol recovery centre raises concern for local businesses

By Charlie Bourne.

Plans to build a new alcohol recovery centre in Leicester have faced objections from surrounding businesses due to the impact the centre may have on the area.Council story photo

After 11 objections and a petition containing 397 signatures, the application, on Hill Street in the city, will be brought before Leicester City Council Planning and Development Control Committee tonight (Wednesday), when the final verdict will be given by councillors.

Tony Donovan, a spokesperson for one of the main objectors, Age UK, said: “We have no problem with the recovery centre, the problem is the location.

“The Humberstone Gate area has a huge problem with street drinkers, and unfortunately some can be quite threatening.

“My concern is that when they come out they will see pubs and this will entice them back on their negative paths.”

The new recovery centre will be run by a Community Interested Company, Inclusion Healthcare, which after two years of trying to find a suitable premises for the centre, hopes it will receive approval.

Wayne Henderson, executive director for Inclusion Healthcare, said: “After a two-year process to find a building able to house a centre, this is the only area that can house a facility.

“A recovery centre offers a valuable resource to help reduce anti-social behaviour.

“These people are not a problem to people like the old or at the nursery, these are vulnerable people looking to get their lives back on track.”

But Mr Donovan, speaking of Age UK’s partnership with nearby nursery Little Angelz added: “There’s a real concern as parents may withdraw their children from the nursery, as a result of the centre. The greatest impact is on the nursery; it will be business that is lost.”

Leicester planning councillors will decide the application tonight (Wednesday). The verdict will be reported on Leicestershire Press.


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