Woman mistakes home invader for own son


The window (left) and extension the home invader used to escape the house.

By Michael Evans

A burglar conned his victim into thinking they were her son in his bed before stealing their belongings.

Last Thursday, Mandy Sanders woke up and checked her son’s room as usual. After assuming the person in the bed was her son, she left for work.

But when she returned from work she found the room empty and the window wide open, with several gadgets and a substantial amount of cash missing.

At about 7pm the same day, her son, Liam Sanders, returned home from a friend’s house in Market Harborough.

Mrs Sanders asked Liam if he had been at home that morning, but when he told her that he had been out of town all night, she phoned the police.

The police advised her on home security and crime scene investigators checked for fingerprints.

The burglar is thought to have escaped through the first floor window before climbing down a ground floor extension, leaving a trail of mud, and knocked over ornaments behind him.

Mrs Sanders said: “When Liam came back I’d assumed he’d spent the day at college.

“I think whoever was in the bed heard me waking up, and decided it’d be a good idea to hide under the duvet. I feel a bit silly for not checking now.”

Liam added: “I’m just glad I wasn’t home, you know? Don’t like the idea of a burglar trying to get into bed with me.”

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