Demon FM’s James Hickling pleasantly surprised by success of Weekends

By Matthew Chandler


In 2015-2016, James Hickling, 21, was one of just three presenters on Demon FM’s Weekends shows.

Every weekend, the three of them would host shows which, unlike others on the station, had the freedom to veer from a specific genre or type of music and play, quite literally, whatever they wanted.

This year, Demon FM, which celebrated its 21st birthday last November, has an entirely different proposition in Weekends.

James has become Head of Weekends, which now has to operate on a fortnightly basis given the near-over-subscription of presenters this year.

“It’s been kind of insane” said a beaming James, who also has his own exclusive Saturday show on Demon FM, Tension.

“We’ve gone to, all of a sudden, a huge influx of people, which is always a good problem to have. It’s been a challenge trying to get everybody organised but now that we are, it’s really good.”

Such an unprecedented number of members, coupled with the variety of music played across the board, has helped make every show unique, and James was quick to praise all the presenters.

He added: “It’s just been through sheer mindedness and determination to get it working. It’s not easy for Weekends shows because we don’t stick to the playlist; you’ve got to go off the beaten path as it’s very much about your own individual stuff.”

James cites the recent Weekends photoshoot as a personal highlight, where pairs had pictures taken to promote their shows, as well as a whole team group photo, producing interesting results, to say the least.

“That was great because everybody showed up and was smiling and happy; that’s the thing I wanted everybody to take away from it- [a feeling of] community.”

You can tune in to Weekends, or indeed any show on Demon FM, by clicking here:

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