#DMUglobal’s wings can fly, all the way to Berlin

By Holly Hume

#DMUglobal is once again launching students across the world at little cost, this time Game Art students on a trip to Berlin to visit a major game industry event.

16880919_1813683625312326_1073074211_oThe “International Games Week” in Berlin is the leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business, development and culture in Europe.

The trip at the end of April will set students back only £400 for each of the 60 places available, whilst final year undergraduates will be receiving a bursary of £150 and all other students £100.

The students will visit famous German landmarks on the trip, including The Reichstag, (German Parliament), Checkpoint Charlie, and the Holocaust Memorial & Museum.

Andras Fesus, a #DMUglobal officer, said: “The Berlin trip aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage with Berlin in an academic way.

“So whatever they are studying they will be able to look at the subject they are studying in Berlin. If they are fashion students they will be able to engage with fashion in Berlin, history students will be looking at the politics and history depending on what they study.”

#DMUglobal has sent students across the globe to locations such as New York, India and China.


The campaign has close ties with the #LoveInternational initiative set up by Vice-Chancellor Dominic Shellard, which recently hosted a c16810554_1813683655312323_1230438606_o.jpgandlelit vigil to show solidarity with refugees around the world.

Mr Fesus added: “For DMU, hopefully for the whole of DMU, it is all about the #LoveInternational campaign.

“#DMUglobal being a fairly new initiative at DMU, we are hoping that these international experiences will help students develop skills, on the one hand, that will give a competitive edge perhaps when looking for jobs.”

To find out if you’re eligible for a DMU Global trip check the link.

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