DMU and CoppaFeel are raising boob awareness on campus

By Sophie Sandberg

De Montfort University’s UniBooBTeam has been baking boob-shaped cakes to raise awareness of breast cancer regularly with CoppaFeel at the university’s Student Union.

Working with CoppaFeel, an organisation that works with over 70 universities to raise awareness for breast cancer, the university’s UniBOOBTeam has organised a cake sale to open people’s eyes.

Research has shown that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and the importance of spotting it early can really make a difference.

CoppaFeel and UniBOOBTeam want to spread their message in a cute and cheeky way rather than in a sexy manner to get more people to join the movement.


Ellie Gorski, 21, a second year Dance student at DMU said: “We are here to get everyone at DMU, both men and women, to regularly check their boobs.

“You know your body better than everyone else if you notice any abnormalities such as swelling, lumps or rashes get it checked-up as soon as possible.”

The group has meetings every two weeks and are frequently planning events and activities to make students aware of the how important it is to check your boobs for abnormalities.

They have in the past organised a take-over at XY, a popular nightclub in Leicester, and will this week do a shower-hijack, leaving out leaflets on how you easily can check your breasts for lumps.

Kate Whitefield, 21, a second year Fine Art student at DMU joined the team last year and found a lump in her chest.

“I was working for this cause last year and started checking by boobs and found a lump that the doctor said was a fibroadenoma, which is a benign lump but the fact that it could’ve been something is scary.”

“If it wouldn’t have been for CoppaFeel I would’ve never spotted it and it could’ve been something serious.”

To get involved and donate money to the cause text UBT Dmu to 70500 or visit

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