Petition fights to prevent tuition fees increase

By Chloe Hewitt

A petition has been set up calling for the government to review plans to further increase university tuition fees.

In England, the total amount of fees an institution can charge a student is set to rise due to inflation.

Sitting at £9,000 currently, some universities, including De Montfort University, will be increasing the amount that they charge students to study at their establishment.

DMU will charge students from the start of the 2017/18 academic year £9,250 – but only those entering their first year.


Discussions took place for the increase to affect all students at the university but was overwhelmingly rejected.

The petition against the increases was set up by Zahra Walji and within days reached 100,000 signatures, meaning it is set to be debated in Parliament.

It is calling for fees to return to the £3,000 that students were once charged before rapidly increasing in 2010 to the £9,000 students are faced with today.

The amount of signatures the petition has is increasing by the minute, unsurprisingly considering the amount of people who are often put off by the idea of going to university due to the high fees to do so.

To sign the petition and fight the proposed increase, go to:

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