Students encouraged to give blood

By Harry Rogers

Students at De Montfort University were given the opportunity to become blood donors this afternoon at the campus centre.

Workers at DMU welcoming brand new blood donors

Workers from the NHS spent the day in the newly refurbished building to encourage people to sign up to save lives.

According to hospital usage, 67% of blood given in 2014 was used to treat medical conditions including, cancer and blood disorders.

Conor Lally, a worker at the booth said: “We’ve had ten enrolments in total today which isn’t great but as long as they go on and keep donating, it could turn out to be a fantastic commitment.”

The occasion was set up by Keira Rounsley, the Vice President of Welfare and Community at the student’s union.

She promoted the event on Twitter by tweeting: “Make sure you get down to the Campus Centre and sign up to be a blood donor whilst also finding out what blood type you are!”

A recent study suggests that 50% of people in Britain do not know their own blood type, something that events like this are able to tell you.

Mr Lally added: “We do this all over, anywhere we feel we can boost the local sessions. We’ll attend and work there.”

You can find out more information on how to become a blood donor at

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