Leicester begins anti-trump Demonstrations

by Daniel Siggins

An emergency demonstration against Donald Trump will be taking place at Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester at 5.30pm today (Monday, January 30).


Haymarket’s Memorial Clock Tower

This follows Trump’s ban on people entering the US who have citizenzship to seven Muslim majority countries.

There will be a number of protests across the UK, with the most prominent taking place outside Downing Street.

The organisation behind the Haymarket demo, ‘Leicester against Trump’, organised the event through Facebook and is supported by high profile political journalist Owen Jones, who has promoted the demonstration on his own Twitter page.

The organisation has spoken to the Leicestershire Press and discussed the planned protest as well as a number of other issues.

Q: What is the overall aim of the protest? 

A:  “The overall aim is to keep the fact that Leicester says no to this President. He’s not a normal President, he’s actually dismantling democracy and the rule of law in the USA.

Q: Is the protest also aimed at Theresa May’s dealings with Trump?

A: “Not specifically, but we’re keen to put pressure on all the UK leaders – national as well as local – who can help implement our demand to keep him as far away as possible.”

Q: With Leicester’s ethnic diversity being at the heart of what makes the city, do you feel it is particularly important that the people of Leicester have a platform like this to protest? 

A: “Leicester’s ethnic diversity raises the stakes for the city: we can’t afford for this message of race hate and bigotry to be given a platform here in the city. It’s up to us to deny them that chance.”

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