Breaking the mould: American music journalist visits De Montfort University

By Harry Rogers


jordannah-elizabethAn American music journalist visited De Montfort University to talk about diversity within the industry.

Jordannah Elizabeth, 30, spent an hour last week with journalism students to talk about her life, knowledge and the lack of diversity within the industry to inspire the youngsters.

Lecture organiser Andy Plaice said: “We were delighted to welcome Jordannah to the university as part of a European series of speaking engagements.

“Her work as a young journalist asks important questions about who should be writing about music and what they might say, and will hopefully prove an inspiration to some of our students.”

Miss Elizabeth, who has written for Vice, LA Weekly and Village Voice among other publications, spoke of struggles that she faced when she entered the industry and how “breaking the mould” allowed her to peruse her passion.

In one article for LA Weekly addressing the lack of black music journalists in the USA, she wrote: “There is a quiet loneliness and private confusion that comes with walking through one’s career virtually alone, covering corners of the music industry…where black artists and writers are few and far between.”

Students were given the chance to ask questions after the speech where the American gave advice on how to get noticed online.

She added: “Give your work style and imagination.”

You can read Jordannah’s piece for LA Weekly here:

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