The Vrtba Garden- Discover the hidden gems of Prague

By Laura Nicoll

Where serenity and stillness intertwine and endless beauty abounds, the Vrtba garden located on Karmelitská  Street, a short distance from  Malá Strana metro station is a tranquil, alluring setting that provides sanctuary to any visitor wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of Prague’s bustling city life.

Set on the foothills of the glorious Petřín Hill, the sheer magnitude of the garden’s architectural superiority can easily be attributed to that of an exotic Italian-baroque style, yet the sophistication of Czech influence in the form of its creator František Maxmilián Kaňka permeates.

Upon arrival visitors can see the garden is composed in the form of a series of connected staircases which gradually ascend up the steep North-East slope which leads to a breath-taking view of the surrounding city area. On each staircase, the glorious, crisp sculptures of Matayus Braun are easy distinguished.



Further down in the lower part of the garden the Sala Terrena can be found hiding the meticulously painted frescos of  Václav Vavřinec Reiner. Each fresco boasts a colourful narrative which allows the viewer’s mind to wander towards tales of the historical past.

In the centre of the garden two ponds, supported by a small aviary are the home to a variety of different bird and fish species which provides an aspect of nature among the marvels of this man-made creation.  Whether you are an architectural fanatic, art enthusiast or simply an inquisitive visitor this hidden gem in the heart of Prague’s tourist district is surely not an experience to be missed!

Tickets to visit the garden can be bought at reception and generally range from adult 65,- Kč, and a discounted price of  -55,- Kč for children and students.

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