The Alternative Guide To Prague: BIO OKO Cinema



If you like to think that your taste in cinemas is slightly more sophisticated than other people’s, I’ve got good news for you. First of all, you are certainly not alone. Second of all – if you ever find yourself in Prague, it is the place to get a little screentimate.

With plenty of small independent cinemas scattered around the city centre and its outskirts, Prague definitely manages to satisfy any hipster cravings for that juicy bite of culture and fill that gaping hole in your soul, yet unhealed due to having the usual multiplex seat + popcorn bucket deal your whole life.


For my personal cinematic Prague adventure I chose the bizarrely named Bio Oko, situated slightly off the tourist traffic, near the vast Letná park complex. Winking at possible visitors (oko is Czech for ‘eye’) with an old-school neon blue banner you can easily spot from the Strossmayerovo Náměstí tram station, it offers an unconventional, indie repertoire, a drink bar and gallery-like interior.

Additionally, keeping up with the ‘not like other cinemas’ aesthetic, Bio Oko organises weekly cycles, blocks and themed evenings, including morning screenings, the Blind Date, where you have no clue what film you are about to see or the scrumptious Sunday Filmpiknik – a screening of chosen film and a buffet with fresh foods to munch on before or during.


However, the real ‘otherness’ can be noticed upon entering the actual screening room, where you can take a seat in a beach lounger or a sofa, or simply stretch on the comfy carpet with some cushions. There are regular cinema seats too, but come on, who would want to be SO ordinary?

Now all is left to do is to sit back, relax and wait for the screen curtain to unveil what most likely will be the wackiest film you’ll ever see.

You can locate Bio Oko at Františka Křížka 15 in Prague. Keep your ‘oko’ on the programme here.

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