Review: The best Czech beer available in Prague

Here is a review of some of the best Czech Beer I have been fortunate enough to taste during my ventures around Prague, they include my visit to be Prague Beer Museum as well as other stops along the way.





Sitting proudly at the summit of this countdown is the faultless Staropramen. Brewed in Smíchov in 1869 this beer has everything you want, a smooth taste leaving you wanting more. Next round anyone?

Alcohol content: 4.0%

Appereance: 4/5

Occasion: Best for casual afternoon drinks



  1. Úněticke – 4.5/5

Narrowly missing out on top spot by a beer mats width. Úněticke is a traditional Czech Beer and has won many awards. Its higher alcohol content gives it a uniticke and konradsharp edge, everything a larger should be.

Alcohol content: 4.9%

Appearance: 4/5

Occasion: Best for evening drinks.



  1. BUDVAR – 4.3/5

A much more familiar beer to us westerners takes home bronze. One of the most popular selling beers originates in the Czech Republic before making its way in the United States with Budweiser. Its rich golden colour is aesthetically budwarpleasing not to mention is taste.

Alcohol content: 5%

Appearance: 5/5

Occasion: Popular taste suits every occasion



  1. Gambrinus – 4.2/5

Widely available in can form this beer is named after the king of Flangambrinusders who was known for his brewing ability. Had this beer been available on draft it may have made the podium.

Appearance: 3.5/5

Alcohol content: 4.2%

Occasion: Indoor drinks pre-game




Brewed in Plzeň this is another light beer with a pleasant refreshing taste foPILLSr all to enjoy.

Appearance: 4/5

Alcohol content: 4.4%

Occasion: Best on a warm summer’s day in Old Town Square.





  1. KLASTER – 3.3/5

Has the golden appearance much like the aforementioned budvar however klasterlacks the vibrancy of a traditional larger. However they can boast this beer has not being heat-treated or pasteurised.

Appearance: 4.5

Alcohol content: 4%

Occasion: Nothing else available on tap



  1. KONRAD – 3/5

Proud winner of best Czech Larger in 2013, however there must have been some heavy drinking judges. Boasting an impressive 5.2%. Reminiscent of Stella Artois.uniticke and konrad

Appearance: 4/5

Alcohol content:  5.2%

Occasion: Taxi is almost here and I am too sober right now.




  1. DEMON 1.5/2

Lives up to its name but for the wrong reasons. If the Devil made largers then no they would not be the best in the world… Very bitter larger with limited appeal.

Appearance: 3/5mutuska

Alcohol Content: 5.2%

Occasion: Drowning sorrows





  1. MATUSKA – 1/5

Ranking last in the list is Pivovar Matuška. Brewed in only 2003 this is one of the newest beers available on the market in the Czech Republic, however there remains much improvement to be made to climb this scale. Its sour, bitter taste will make you squirm. One to avoid.demon

Appearance: 2/5

Alcohol content:  5.5%

Occasion: When you have lost out in the drinking games forget the dirty pint in the middle just take a swing of this.










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