If you’re looking a for a quirky, interactive and, most importantly, cheap way to kill a few hours while exploring the many gems that Prague has to offer, then the Imaginarium exhibition is the place to go. 

The exhibition itself is fairly tucked away down a side street on the outskirts of Old Town, but the mosaic of colours on the entrance is enough to catch your eye.

I felt a little skeptical as I walked in but the promise of a mirror maze was enough fuel to keep me interested. The friendly face at the reception informed me that the exhibition consists of three separate rooms; first was the mirror labyrinth, then a kaleidoscopic cinema and finally on the ground floor was a room of various optical illusions and interactive puzzles. All of this with the additon of a discounted student ticket (only 90 CZK!) and I was excited ready to explore.

Now, I won’t give too much away because this is something you should explore for yourself, but it was one of the most interesting things I have done in Prague so far. The psychedelic kaleidoscope cinema was an eerie and mesmerising experience that sent you into an almost hypnotic trance, leaving you feeling like a child, hooked on the pretty colours and spinning lights. 

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants an interesting and different experience from the usual museums and exhibitions in Prague (there is no mention of Charles the Fourth here at all!).

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