‘Find inspiration in timeless beauty’

By Weronika Pukrop

National Museum in Prague has opened a new Retro Exhibition and it’s everything what you imagine it to be and more. Two rooms of retro magic for only 100 CZK is a must see for every fashion enthusiast.

Don’t expect just clothes though. There are two rooms dedicated to the exhibition one of which is filled with amazing accessories, clothing pieces, and beauty products from different decades and will make every fashionista drop their jaw. Another room is fully devoted to technology as well as children toys, educational entertainment and different household equipment from the period from First Republic to the Velvet Revolution. The exhibition is very realistic and gives the visitors a powerful throwback.

IMG_7511 (1)

The organizers of the exhibition say that it is inspirational and it shows ‘beauty that does not age, even after decades’.

It is displayed in the context of modern fashion, it shows how many trends have had their comeback and are still fashionable nowadays which just confirms that ‘clothing and accessories are becoming timeless’. Apart from beautifully presented clothes and lingerie that are situated among retro furniture and wallpapers that show interior, typical for certain era, there are informative signs that educate the visitor about the history of the clothes. If that wasn’t enough, fashion lovers can appreciate the shoes, bags and accessories room that looks like every women’s dream.

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The other part of the exhibition is actually called the ‘Educational studio’ where the team of instructors have prepared creative activities for children and adults such as ‘retrovoice’, matching up the accessories from the same period, trying up retro hats, gloves and scarves, using a retro typewriter and many more.

The Retro exhibition is also family-friendly. Apart from the mentioned educational area where there are many activities purely for children there is also a separate playroom where parents can leave their children under supervision.

The exhibition takes the visitors through the decades of timeless beauty and it can really make you feel the retro atmosphere.

The exhibition is situated in the National Museums’ new building on Vinohradská Street and is be available from the 17.06.2016 until 30.04.2017.





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