Don’t miss the Festival of Ideas.

By William Bartholomew

De Montfort University is holding the new festival of ideas event from today till next Tuesday.


The weeks events was kicked off by the event titled ‘Impact in India’ a talk by students and lecturers acting as a taster for DMU square mile for their work in the country.


Tomorrow’s event will be starting tomorrow at one o’clock in the Queens building on the De Montfort University campus and will be a lecture from Jean Williams, Professor of sports history and culture and the lecture will be on Female Swimmers and tennis players and their impact on their fields.


“If you are active in sport or have an interest in pioneering sports women, this is a lecture for you,” Says the DMU events website.


The Closing talk of the Festival of ideas will be in Hugh Aston building back on the De Montfort University campus at six o’clock and will be a talk by Rusi Jaspal, professor of psychology and sexual health and Deputy Director at the Mary Seacole Centre at De Montfort university.


The Talk will be focused titled “I want to be who I am” and will be based around the changes in the choices people have about their identity in the modern age.


If you wish to attend any of the lectures book online, you can by going to the address below.

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