Leicester’s peaceful-protestors raise animal rights awareness in time for #BigCatAwarenessWeek


Written by Mollie Mansfield

Animal Rights campaigners were demonstrating in Leicester city centre on Saturday, raising awareness for their cause.

The campaigners were focusing on animal cruelty towards lions and other big cats, in preparation for Big Cat Awareness Week, which starts today.

Leicester Animal Rights (LAR) campaigner Kerry Sedgewick, 28, said: “We just want to help create awareness on behalf of the animals, because they have no voice to do so.”

The promoters were also focusing on broader animal rights topics such as zoo farming, the fur trade and veganism.

Their stall included an array of animal rights campaigning leaflets, alongside business cards, posters and placards.

The non-registered charity, founded in 2013, was also previously part of an anti-fur demonstration, targeted towards Cruise, Pilot and Sports Direct.

The activists have also been heavily involved in championing big cats previously – following the killing of Cecil the Lion they hosted an awareness stall on trophy hunting.

LAR aim to hold their outreach awareness stalls every other weekend, when they are not partaking in demonstrations.

Kerry added: “Starting on Monday is Big Cat Awareness Week, but because it’s in the week and all of us work, we’re just doing this this weekend before the demonstration on Saturday.

“We’re here to create awareness, we’re not telling people what to do, we’re just saying “are you aware?””

Leicester Animal Rights activists also have plans for another demonstration on Saturday February 6, starting at 11am on Silver Street.

For any further information on the organisation and their future plans, visit its Facebook page.

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