DMU students are preparing to go back to the 60s in drama performance

By Grace Morgan

A De Montfort University Students performance is to be taken to London during the summer.

Nine DMU students who are mostly second and third years have been chosen to take part in a performance of the 1966 film, One Million Years BC.

Charlotte Batey a second year Drama and Creative Writing Student said: “It’s going to be such a good opportunity for me because I want a career in the arts.”

The show is a tribute to the film, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

After DMU proposed the idea to the arts council, they have decided to give it the funding that it needed.

The first showing will be in Leicester at the Phoenix Theatre on March 3 during enhancement week.

It will then be taken to London Piccadilly to be performed at the Trocadero Theatre on June 29.

The show is immersive theatre, which means that all of the actors become the characters creating full background stories, which encourages audience members to believe that they have been taken back to 1966, through participation.

Audience members at both showings will be encouraged to get fully involved by dressing up in clothing from the 1960’s era.

Charlotte added: “It’s going to be good exposure for us because anyone could be in the audience and because drama is hard to get into it could be the stepping stone we need.”

As guests arrive there will be an hour-long stunt show in the foyer with actors dressed in character to help build the story.

The performance begins with a full showing of the film in which the actors watch the film in character within the audience.

The stunt show will also take place before the London showing and will aim to encourage people to come in to watch the performance.

The trashy film was iconic for it’s time with original leading actress Raquel Welsh being seen as a sex symbol.

Charlotte said: “I’m so excited to dress up as a cavewomen it’s so different from anything I’ve done before.”


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