DMU Global Hands society offers life changing trip to the Gambia

By Nathan Rodrigues


Global Hands has announced details of their upcoming visit to the Gambia Development School, describing it as an ‘incredible’ experience.

The trip will take place around June 15-25 and lasts between 7-14 days, which includes various visits to Fort Bullen and Kunta Kinteh Island to learn about the history of slavery, as well as the Serrakunda Market to understand the impact of globalisation.

This is part of the society’s focus on teaching students about important world-wide issues such as poverty, forced child marriage and domestic violence.

Nuala Flannigan, 20, the chairperson for Global Hands society, attended the trip in 2014 and described the ‘amazing’ occasion of meeting the villagers and helping to build the Gambia Development School.

She said: “This was an absolutely incredible experience for me, not only for my interest in architecture, but that I was able to physically participate in the construction of the school.

“Another favourite moment was with the villagers, who welcomed us into their homes, cooked food and showed us different aspects of their daily life – from going to the market for food, to working and even playing football.”

The educational trip also features a day placement for members based on their course and a visit to Sandele, an eco-resort teaching young Gambians how to live sustainably.

The society had previously raised over £10,000 for the building and maintenance of the school through fundraising stalls as well as promotional work, and Nuala said this life-changing impact is what made her join.

She said: “It’s inspirational I always had an interest in helping the unfortunate and I agree with the group’s motto to teach people how to fish, rather than give them a fish.”

If you are interested in joining the society or would like further details, visit



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