Alarm bells ring in Newarke Point

By Selene Moquet and Skye Chapman


Students at Newarke Point accommodation block have been left angry and annoyed after an ongoing fire alarm kept them awake at night.

The nightmare began at the start of term for the De Montfort University students.

What was supposed to be an exciting night quickly turned into a fiasco when the fire alarm started ringing in the early hours of the morning and didn’t stop.

Annabel Burnham, 18, living on the third floor of the affected block, said: “It was incredibly annoying, we could hear it from the third floor.”

Despite steps taken by the on-site management team to solve the issue, the fire alarm continued to ring at random intervals during the ongoing term.

Alice Harvey, 18, added: “The longest it has continued for is two days straight.”

Concerns were raised by students that this was a serious fire hazard.

Jessica Glennon, 18, said: “In the event of a real fire, students in Block A may ignore the fire alarm due to its ongoing ringing.

“If we were to evacuate every time we heard the fire bell we would be sleeping outside!”

The receptionists of Newarke Point know that the ongoing fire alarm is an issue and in a statement said: “We always check that there isn’t a fire every time the alarm is sounded.

“Each individual fire alarm has been thoroughly checked and they are all in working order.

“The problem lies in the main box which likes to go off now and again. We know this is an issue and we are working to solve it.”

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