Unique ghost hunt at ‘most haunted’ Belgrave Hall in Leicester

Belgrave Hall, one of Leicestershire’s most haunted buildings, will get even spookier this Halloween as it hosts a one-off ghost hunt.

The building, as seen on Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’, is famous for it’s ghostly goings on, and will be taken over by a nationally renowned events company for the night.

On Saturday 31 October, Dusk Till Dawn Events will put on a ghost hunt at the hall, which will include Table Tipping and Glass Divination.

Nathan Gladwin, from Dusk Till Dawn event, said: “This really is ghost hunting at it’s best at such fantastic location.

“There will be full use of ghost hunting equipment, as well various experiments such as table tipping and glass divination.

“Bring along your cameras and any other recording equipment, because you never know, you may catch something on film.”

The building was built in 1709, and ghostly sightings have been reported at the hall for years.

In 1999, Belgrave Hall became famous throughout the world when two ghostly figures were recorded by security cameras in the gardens.

Other ghostly phenomena reported over the years is that of footsteps on the first floor landings and heavy doors shutting of their accord.

The ghost hunt, which will take place on the night of Halloween, promises to be a unique, and frightening, experience.

There will be vigils throughout the night in the most ghostly active parts of the location.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied by Dusk Till Dawn Events.

Nathan Gladwin said: “There may be no heating at the building, and it may be very very cold and very dark so we urge our guests to bring warm clothes and torches.

If you want to attend the event, you can book tickets on the Dusk Till Dawn website.

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