Foxes fans remain optimistic despite rough season

The King Power Stadium will witness five crucial games as the season's end draws near
The King Power Stadium will witness five crucial games as the season’s end draws near


By Mark Sheppard

Leicester City fans still believe their team can avoid relegation from the Premier League as the football season draws to a close.

Having won their last two games against West Ham and West Brom, Leicester have given themselves a fighting chance to complete the great escape.

They have been bottom of the league since November and after the success of last season, fans have had their expectations dashed with a challenging return to the top flight.

Louis Wassell, 18, said: “I had high hopes after last season but I think most fans were a bit naïve. I’ll be happy to not finish bottom now.”

Although the team has lacked a cutting edge, the feeling around the club has been that they have been unfortunate, and with decisions going against them it seems the results were not reflective of the team’s performances.

Tom Reeve, 19, said: “We have played good football all year and even other managers such as Wenger said we are a good team.”

The two consecutive victories have given both fans and players the belief that they can evade relegation, something which looked a much more difficult task several weeks ago.

This belief is evident in the increasing positive atmosphere that surrounds the King Power Stadium each week.

Matt Williamson, 27, said: “I would have taken fourth bottom by one goal if I’m honest. It has been frustrating watching them knowing how good we can be.”

Leicester have seven games remaining, five of which are at home starting with the match against Swansea City on Saturday.

Mr Williamson said: “If we beat Swansea on the weekend we’re in a great position. Win that and I think we’ll stay up.”

With more games to play and a smoother run in than any other team, Leicester City are in a promising place to escape relegation in what looks to be an exciting end to the season.

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