Pastors of the night offer help

Street Pastors 2By Annabel Easton

Caring. Listening. Helping. These are the three principles of becoming a Street Pastor. Whilst students are partying the night away and the homeless wander the roads, volunteers lie in wait to help the vulnerable on the streets of Leicester.

Any Christian can become a Street Pastor and pass on the love of God by helping people in need. These volunteers join the nightlife of Leicester, helping anyone in need of a spare pair of flip-flops or a bottle of water.

Julie Bentley, 58, talks about her 10-year service as a Street Pastor in Leicester and how her faith motivates her to help young people.

She said: “I have always been involved with youth work in churches and schools, so being able to go into their turf to help them really inspired me.”

Julie is one of the many people to devote their time to this cause. Her life as a Street Pastor began when she found a leaflet in her family’s home and decided it was for her.

She stated: “A lot of people my age are frightened of the town at night, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. People are just having a good time.”

As well as handing out water and blankets, the pastors are there for people to ask for directions or if they need someone to talk to.

Street Pastors can be found all across the UK in major cities and towns. So if you ever need a plaster then you know who to ask!

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