DSUGoodDeeds Do we need to be told?

20150309_112732By Kizzy Bass

A goodwill tree was set up as part of Student Volunteering week by De Montfort Student Union to encourage people to carry out acts of kindness around Leicester.

To take part, you choose a tag from the tree and once the deed is performed, tweet using the ‪#‎DSUGoodDeeds‬ and possibly make a video and nominate three friends to do the same.

The question is, as a society, do we really need to be encouraged to be nice to others? Annabelle Easton, first year journalism student at DMU, said: “If someone is telling us to do it, is it still a good deed?”

Nigel Berko, a Master’s student at DMU, said: “A bit of awareness doesn’t hurt but I do it anyway.”

Many people carry out acts of kindness on a daily basis, sometimes even without thinking about them and without prompting. Are these acts more beneficial to the recipient as they are true acts of kindness? How would you feel if you found out an act of kindness had been prompted?

The DSUGoodDeeds idea is great in principal, especially with the social media promotion of the acts of kindness to encourage others and to raise awareness of student volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills and help others and the DSUGoodDeeds was just one part of a week full of sessions devoted to finding out more about volunteering whilst studying at De Montfort University.

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