Fire brigade strike in pensions protest


m6qqQSkq3DH7aajeN5Q5hSwBy Alastair Ulke

Students in Leicester have been asked to be ‘vigilant’ ahead of a fire fighter’s strike tomorrow.

999 calls will instead be handled by a ‘contingency crew’ and callers are asked to expect a ‘slow response.’

Phil Coates, the Fire Brigade Union’s Regional Chair for the East Midlands, said: “From 7am tomorrow, fire services across the East Midlands will be on strike for 24 hours as part of an ongoing protest over fire fighters’ pensions.

“Students need to remember to be extra vigilant during this time and to take care in their halls and in their rooms.

“Remember to turn off your equipment at the plug in your room and not to leave your cooking unattended in the kitchen.”

Mike Haynes-Coote, Head of Health and Safety at DMU, said: “In the vent of a fire, students should follow the normal protocol by raising the alarm and calling 999.

“The fire brigade will still provide a service but callers should expect a slower response time.”

A back-up fire crew, made up of non-professionals approved by the fire brigade union, will be available during the strike.

The strike comes as part of an on-going row over pensions in the fire brigade.

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