Students take up the call to vote in the DMU elections

By Connor Watson

DMU students have been described as extremely positive and active during the student union elections that end today.

From the polling staff to the actual candidates the participation by the entire university has been described as positive and a great experience to be around.

Jason Foreman, a candidate for the Deputy President, said: “The reaction has been almost totally positive.”

He said voters have been very keen to get involved and the fight between candidates has been constructive.

“The camaraderie from all the candidates has been great as well, we have all formed friendships and groups from the entire thing,” he added.

“You would expect a bit of tension but the support from everyone including the union staff has been nothing but great.”

The candidates have been canvasing the campus for over a week now with posters, stalls and even themselves going around and trying to drum up support.

The voting for elections ends tonight February 19 and the results will be announced tomorrow, February 20 at 3pm.

Sam Hilton, a Student Engagement Coordinator for the Student Union, said: “These students involved have been some of the nicest out of all the elections I’ve done.

“Even when they say no to wanting to vote they are incredibly polite about it.

“I’ve also seen lots of support in each other and all of the candidates seem to be willing to help each other out.”

Sam has been running a polling booth on campus for students to vote at and to listen to any queries and complaints about it.

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