Have your say on Leicester’s Greyfriars conservation area


Bethan Head

Leicester City Council are encouraging people to give their opinions on the city’s conservation area around the Cathedral.

The six-week public consultation launched on Monday 6 October to give citizens a chance to comment on suggested changes to the Guildhall and Cathedral conservation.

Nick Patterson, 20, of Paton Street, Leicester said: “I really like the old town look of the conservation area in the city.

“The road works nearby definitely ruin it though, the sooner they get finished the better.”

Conservation areas are parts of the city that are especially historic or have architectural qualities that deserve perseveration or enhancement.

This was the first of three conservation areas to be established in Leicester in 1969, along with Castle Gardens and New Walk.

The Guildhall and Cathedral conservation area currently has its boundaries, which include Guildhall Lane, Loseby Lane and Grey Friars.

Leicester City Council is planning to expand these boundaries into Millstone Lane.

The discovery of King Richard III’s bones has completely changed the way that the history and significance of this area is now understood.

Sophie Keay, 20, from Leicester said: “They have set aside a lot of money for this so it really needs to be worth it in the long run.

“I like the idea of making the area more appealing to the general public.”

The City Council is now awaiting the outcome of a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for over £1milllion.

The result of this investment would offer grants and advice available to businesses, property owners and community groups to restore buildings in the area, including lost architectural features including original windows and decorative brickwork.

People can comment on the proposals for the new Greyfriars conservation area by visiting leicester.gov.uk/haveyoursay.

The consultation closes on Monday, 17 November.

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