Social Media Success for DMU Graduate Champion

By Natalie Whitehouse

Journalism graduate Georgina Baker found herself remaining a part of De Montfort even after leaving, when she undertook an internship through the university’s DMU Graduate Champions Scheme.

The 21-year-old has this week completed a six-week placement with Media Board International, a Leicester-based marketing company, where she has been enjoying her role as Social Media Marketing Officer and Journalist.

Since graduating last summer, Georgina has applied for “no end of jobs in journalism,” but says she wasn’t too disheartened that the applications, thus far, have been to no avail:

“I was ready for a little break, so I wasn’t too downhearted at my failings for finding something permanent.”

Georgina has since found herself back at her local pub, in the part time job she has had since she was fourteen, before getting a letter through the post advertising DMU Graduate Champions, tempting her to look into the internship scheme and apply:

“I got a little letter through the post and to be honest I actually didn’t think they would have any positions for me, as I didn’t think there were any journalism postings about.

“I left the card on my desk and for a few weeks it kept staring at me, so one day when I was writing a blog post I bit the bullet and applied – not expecting to hear anything at all!”

Gee Baker

Georgina’s application was thankfully successful, undertaking her internship at the beginning of the year. Her role at Media Board is diverse and enjoyable; providing her with a whole host of tasks to keep her busy from day to day:

“I have been involved with setting up Media Board’s official blog where I write all the blogs, which have included an ‘About Media Board’ one, as well as personal blogs from myself tracking my time here. I’ve also been let lose editing content already on the website.

“I’m involved in planning content for Media Board’s clients, which we then draft and schedule to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This sort of stuff can be anything from opening hours of the restaurants we work with, to coming up with competitions and special offers.

“Because no one client is the same it has been really interesting to see how ideas can be adapted for each business, and it’s great because you meet so many different people.”

Georgina has also praised the internship scheme, ran by DMU, which enabled her to gain this vital experience in an industry she wishes to work in, in turn hopefully giving her the extra push she needs to secure a full time role:

“I really would [recommended the scheme to graduates], especially if you are like me and find job searching a minefield! For the sake of going online for ten minutes tops and filling in the application form, it is so worth it. DMU does all the hard work once you’ve submitted your application, and you just say yes or no to the jobs they find you. Whatever job you end up being assigned to is all experience and will look great on the CV!”

With regards to the future and her hunt for a job, Georgina would ideally like a job in journalism, PR or marketing, noting that she’s “not fussy” as to where she ends up; as long as it gives her the chance to do something she loves, as well as passing some personal milestones:

“I’m hoping to still do stuff with Media Board from them such as blogs and I will keep up my own personal writing too while I look for a full time job in the journalism industry, but while that happens and while I’m still at home I am going to try and get my driving test passed as soon as possible, and keep working at the pub to stop myself going bored and provide me with money and a bit more of a social life!”

“It’s rewarding to know that all the work I put into my degree has paid off”

By Natalie Whitehouse

English and Journalism graduate Chloé Jones started 2016 in fine fashion, beginning her role as Marketing Officer at the University of Nottingham.

The job came as a result of already being employed at the university, working in The Student Recruitment and Enquiries Centre, where Chloé saw the role of Marketing Officer advertised internally and knew it was a position that would suit her talents:

“The role sounded really exciting and the skills and knowledge required were closely linked to what I’d learnt at university, so I decided to grab the opportunity and go for it! I was so shocked when I was offered the job, I feel so lucky to be in a role like this so soon after graduating.”

The 21-year-old began her role as Marketing Officer of the Faculty of Arts in January this year, where she is responsible for managing the faculty’s social media channels, promoting events within in the university and around the city of Nottingham.

Chloé’s role is diverse. She notes that “every day is different,” with her day-to-day tasks also including liaising with academics and the central marketing team at the university, as well as writing copy for, and designing, marketing material.

Chloé Jones

She pays testament to her course at De Montfort, from which she graduated in July, stating that the experience enabled her to stand out as a candidate for the job:

“Studying journalism at DMU has been hugely valuable not only in securing me this job, but actually doing it. In the interview I talked about skills I had learnt through university like copywriting, proofreading and designing, and showed my portfolio of work that I built up from my three years of study, like news articles and reviews I had written and the magazine I created in my final year.

“The work experience I did throughout my degree was definitely the most helpful. I’ve worked at my local newspaper, The Derby Telegraph, a local lifestyle magazine, as well as Look magazine last summer. Gaining a first-hand insight into the real world of journalism really helped me understand the industry and gave me loads to talk about in the interview.”

And since starting her role, Chloé has gained even more vital experience, which she knows will only aid her in climbing the ladder in the journalism industry in years to come:

“I’m still quite new to the role so I’m enjoying learning about the different processes involved in marketing, and interacting with so many interesting people. I have a lot of opportunities to be creative which is really fun and there’s a real mix of responsibilities and challenges to take on.

“My job as a Marketing Officer is giving me loads of transferable skills and experience as a stepping stone between here and where I really want to be!”

Where Chloé really wants to be is working in fashion – an area of journalism in which her interest has grown considerably, following previous work experience placements – and she states that this is something she is aiming towards:

“My dream job is to work for a woman’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, writing features or columns. After my work experience with Look, my heart is set on moving down to London and kick-starting my career with a magazine publisher like Condé-Nast or Time Inc UK!”

But for now, the English and Journalism graduate is thoroughly enjoying her first full time role in an industry she has been working towards succeeding in for years:

“Adjusting to a new routine was challenging but now that I feel settled it’s actually really refreshing. It’s rewarding to know that all the work I put into my degree has paid off and that I can apply what I learnt to my job and future roles.”