DMU Lions keep unbeaten record running against Greens

By Rian Fearnehough

The DMU Lions continued their unbeaten start to the season on Sunday, beating Nottingham Greens 43-6.

The De Montfort University Lions continue the push for the playoffs with another impressive win, giving them a 3-0 start to the season.

Nottingham Greens may no longer be able to reach the playoffs because of this loss and one they previously had against the Lincoln Colonials.

The Lions defence was again impressive against another tough test,  the offence also did its job very well, giving Nottingham little chance in the game.

The two MVP lions (Amechi Onebunne and Matt Wells)

One of the defensive captains, Amechi Onebunne said after receiving MVP for the game: “Coming out of the gate we hit them hard and most importantly we hit them together.

“The energy and the drive getting to the ball from every defensive player is what helped us in shutting down Notts stellar run game.”

Nottingham’s run game was completely destroyed by the defence as the Lions actually gained four yards from Nottingham runs across the game.

The defence showed they were together as a team and willing to fight to win the game, in the end this allowed the Lions to dominate the game and nullify the threat of Nottingham.

Another top performance for the Lions earned an MVP award for Matt Wells, who said after his debut game: “I’ve watched American Football for probably the last 7 or 8 years but only decided to play this year due to coach Stuart and my flatmate Joel. They both urged me to come down and give it a go, I saw post Christmas as the perfect opportunity and I don’t regret it!

“I loved every second of it, maybe not the getting up at 6am part but everything else was amazing. It feels like a family and everyone looks out for each other. Plus that winning feeling just makes everything so much sweeter.”

The Lions are a pride who look out for each other no matter what. The Lions want to grow the pride so if anyone is interested in joining please contact them on

The Lions are now looking ahead to the next game against the Lincoln Colonials, who will be desperate to win to give them a chance to reach the playoffs after they were beaten by the Staffordshire Stallions.

DMU Lions win season opener

By Rian Fearnehough

Thanks to a particularly strong performance the De Montfort University Lions American football team started the campaign with a win as they took down the opposition of Staffordshire Stallions 50-6.

The display was impressive after all the problems created by COVID, injuries before the game and the numerous new faces in the team. Despite this the team put out a strong performance proving they are going to challenge any team this season.

Coach Stuart Franklin said:”there were positive steps taken by the whole team today”

Despite the strong team performance the defence stood out as they completely dominated the Stallions not allowing their offence to put their stamp on the game.

MVP for the game Jordan Raheem had a particularly dominant performance as he stopped the offensive line of the Stallions having an impact on the game helping the Lions control the game.

Josh Seybert showing his passion for the game in celebration

International scholarship student Josh Seybert was a constant leader for the Lions during the game. Josh played a huge role in the success the Lions had in all three stages of play, offence defence and special teams, this helped the team perform at the level it did and helped make the game that much easier. 

Coach Franklin said: “it’s a great result but the team still has areas to improve and can become even stronger as the season progresses.”

This gives the Lions a good foundation and helps the coaches understand what can be improved before the next game against the Huddersfield Hawks have had a troubled start to the season with a loss and were unable to field a team for the second game. You can join the pride once again at Beaumont park on Sunday 5th of December.

The DMU Lions would like to thank everyone who came out to be part of the pride as this really helped spur the team on to victory, If this was your first taste of the sport we hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you more throughout the rest of the season.

DMU Saints finish 6th after stunt team fall

By James Tarplee

The DMU Saints cheerleading team competed in their biggest competition to date in Nottingham last Saturday.

Matthew Wilson, former gymnast and current co-ordinator of a stunt team for DMU Saints, felt huge amounts of pride for how his team performed and conducted themselves.

“We’ve trained hard over the past few months and worked on a technically tricky routine”, he said.

With a team of talented former and present gymnasts and dancers, Matthew believes the DMU Saints can afford to try and pull off the more technically advanced routines and bring in the riskier stunts.

On this occasion, however, one of the stunt teams for the Saints fell.

“We took more risks and tried more stunts because we have the quality within the team to pull it off and really compete for the top spot. Falls happen, especially when you add more stunts to a routine.”

Even with a fallen stunt team, the DMU Saints still finished a respectable sixth out of 13 competing teams.

Matt and his fellow cheerleaders have taken many positives out of the result and believe they can use these positives for improvement.

“Even with a fall we still finished respectably which shows how advanced the routine must be. We’ll come back stronger and more experienced in our next competition, our experiences in Nottingham have made us stronger on the whole.”

DMU Women’s Rugby appeals for new members to join their team


By Mel Hawes

De Montfort University Women’s Rugby team are appealing for new members in run up to their preparation for Varsity.

During the current season the team struggled to play a full team with substitutes and, in spite of this, the team won their first match in over a year, beating Coventry University 34-20.

Team captain, Carol Fitzpatrick said: “All the training and theory we have worked on is finally coming together and with every game we are improving so much.”

After experiencing their first win, the girls are looking for new and experienced players to be part of their team, as well as welcoming new social members.

The team have struggled in the past to field a full team due to many of their members being student nurses.

DMU Women’s Rugby believes that in spite of this, it shows that they are open to ‘anyone and everyone’.

There are currently around 20 players that have team memberships and there have been new members thanks to a recruitment drive at the ‘Refreshers fair’ in January.

The aim is for the girls to have a full squad for their varsity match against the University of Leicester, which takes place on March 9.

Carol added: “The road to varsity is getting closer now and we will be training very hard over the next few weeks.”

Training sessions take place on Monday and Thursday evenings and members are encouraged to take part in extra fitness sessions with each other throughout the week.

Non-playing members are welcome as the team also takes part in various fundraising activities throughout the year that do not require any rugby skills.

More information can be found on the teams Facebook page, where prospective members can get in touch with the teams Chairwoman and Captain.