DMU Saints finish 6th after stunt team fall

By James Tarplee

The DMU Saints cheerleading team competed in their biggest competition to date in Nottingham last Saturday.

Matthew Wilson, former gymnast and current co-ordinator of a stunt team for DMU Saints, felt huge amounts of pride for how his team performed and conducted themselves.

“We’ve trained hard over the past few months and worked on a technically tricky routine”, he said.

With a team of talented former and present gymnasts and dancers, Matthew believes the DMU Saints can afford to try and pull off the more technically advanced routines and bring in the riskier stunts.

On this occasion, however, one of the stunt teams for the Saints fell.

“We took more risks and tried more stunts because we have the quality within the team to pull it off and really compete for the top spot. Falls happen, especially when you add more stunts to a routine.”

Even with a fallen stunt team, the DMU Saints still finished a respectable sixth out of 13 competing teams.

Matt and his fellow cheerleaders have taken many positives out of the result and believe they can use these positives for improvement.

“Even with a fall we still finished respectably which shows how advanced the routine must be. We’ll come back stronger and more experienced in our next competition, our experiences in Nottingham have made us stronger on the whole.”

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