Demon Media celebrates International Women’s Day by holding special movie quiz

By Zoe Graham

Having Fun: (L to R) Lou Hunt, Zoe Graham, Maddie Forster, Abi Willock and Ria Chauhan

Students at De Montfort University celebrated International Women’s Day by taking part in an all-women’s inspired movie quiz on Demon FM.

Featuring host Maddie Forster and co-host Abi Willock, the show on Tuesday last week (MARCH8) was a series of different rounds, with questions relating to all things female – and the winning contestant gets to feature on next week’s quiz show against fellow winners.

Demon Media Society member Abi described the experience as “I thought it was a lot of fun for the contestants and hosts alike.

“The thing I love about Demon is that there’s no pressure to be perfect, as long as everyone’s having fun and we work together to put on a great show to our audiences, and I laughed too, until it hurt.”

Listener and DMU student, Emily Hyde, said: “It was a really entertaining show and very empowering to listen to as a woman.

“They played different quizzes and games based strongly on females in the industry. I would love to listen to the show again.”

The Demon Movie Championship (DMC) happens every Tuesday from 7 to 9pm so tune in to see who next week’s winner is on

New spin off Harry Potter series Managing Mischief planned for De Montfort University students

By Rosie Vacciana-Browne

De Montfort University student James McKinnon is developing a new radio series for all avid Harry Potter fans.

Managing Mischief will follow the lives of a young James, Sirius, Ramus and Peter from the original Potter books.


James, 18, said listeners can expect to hear: “Them (James, Sirius, Ramus and Peter) getting up to all types of shenanigans.”

The inspiration for the show came from James’ love for fan-fiction and the Harry Potter books.

He also cites The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a major influence, about which he said: “It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever head, it’s up there with Monty Python, it’s that funny! I wanted to create something like that.”


James is hoping to air the audio series Managing Mischief over DMU’s radio station Demon FM later this year.

Harry Potter has an inclusive and wide fan base and James expects no different for Managing Mischief.

He said: “There’s no real age target for Harry Potter fans. I’ve met people that are six who love the books and people who are 60 who love them just as much.”

Each episode will run for 10 to 15 minutes, with the visuals uploaded via YouTube for audiences to watch afterwards.

James said he will be casting for Managing Mischief later this year.

If you would like the opportunity to be involved in the series, keep up to date with the Demon Media social network pages for the latest developments.

Hip-hop fan to pay tribute to Biggie Smalls on upcoming DemonFM radio show

By Alex Leadbitter

A lifelong hip-hop fan is set to make an appearance on DemonFM to pay tribute to deceased rapper Biggie Smalls.

Abdi Ibrahim, 20, is an economics student at DMU was spurred on by the recent 20th anniversary of the rapper’s death.

The hip-hop icon was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles, California in 1997, during the infamous East Coast versus West Coast hip-hop rivalry that dominated the music scene in the mid-90s.

The Notorious B.I.G is one of hip-hop’s most beloved performers and Abdi wants to take part in a tribute to the artist on an upcoming radio show.

He said: “I have grown up listening the Biggie; he’s one of the most influential artists of all time across any genre.

“I’m friends with one of the hosts on DemonFM and he’s agreed to allow me to take part in the show as a guest and to give my appreciation on air; I felt the need to express my love for Biggie on a larger scale than just sending out a tweet or an online post.

“Going on the radio allows me to play my favourite songs and talk how much each of them means to me and how they’ve impacted me throughout my life.”

Although it is not clear yet when exactly Ibrahim will make an appearance on DemonFM, all parties are very excited about the idea and are looking forward to paying homage to one of the most adored and well respected performers of all time.

To tune in to Demon FM, visit

Demon Media have released their Varsity 2016 issue of ‘The Demon’



By Mollie Mansfield

Students from De Montfort University’s student media outlet, Demon Media, have released their Varsity issue of the magazine today.

This issue of the magazine includes the official fixtures for the university’s 2016 Varsity matches and interviews from the teams.

Editor of The Demon, Emily Frost, said: “I feel relieved and very proud of the team. This was a difficult issue as you have to condense a lot of information while making sure that the teams have a reason to pick it up and have a read. It was tiring, but hopefully worthwhile!”

The Demon team had to work through the issue without the full help of Sports Editor, Shawnee Linstead, who had to step down from her position in order to campaign to be the university’s Vice President Media & Communications.

Emily said: “It was definitely a tricky situation to sort out as not only did she have to step down, but also a lot of preparation goes into a campaign so she needed to do that.”

“We also had the same issue with George Bushell who is the Demon Media sports coordinator as he was supporting the issue as part of his role, but has now stepped down to run in the elections.”

The Varsity issue is an important one for the student media outlet, as it creates the biggest readership, alongside February’s Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival issue.

Emily added: “People can expect to see lots of sports basically! So that includes fixture dates, match reports, a Netfest article, as well as content from each of the sections that is sports themed.

“Oh and of course lots of photos so hopefully the teams can spot themselves throughout the issue!”

The Varsity issue of The Demon is out today, and will be out for the following two weeks, up until Easter.