Video: DMU student’s first year “ruined” by building site feet away from accommodation

A De Montfort University student has expressed his frustration after persistent late-night building work next at his accommodation has ruined his first year of university.

Video: Fast fashion trends boost hand-made knitting sales make a comeback

As the winter weather approaches many of us are on the hunt for a cosy knit jumper to protect ourselves from the bitter cold. But where do the people of Leicester like to shop?

Video: Market traders frozen out by online shopping this Christmas

Leicester Market stallholders have been left in the cold this Christmas as more shoppers choose to purchase goods online instead.

Video: How can we all be more sustainable this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also one of the most wasteful.

Video: Francis Bacon’s painting could be sold from New Walk Museum to fund council housing

Francis Bacon’s painting Lying Figure No 1 should be sold from the New Walk Museum, according to Leicester Liberal Democrat councillor Nigel Porter.