Polish pro-choice protestors behind Strajk Kobiet defiant after abuse

Organisers of the Strajk Kobiet (Women’s strike) protest held in Leicester on Sunday (NOV1) have vowed to continue raising awareness of the recent tightening of restrictions around abortion in Poland despite receiving abuse.

Animal charity tells people to “remember hedgehogs” and check for lodgers on Bonfire Night

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) has warned that homemade bonfires look like five-star hotels to hedgehogs, advising people to check carefully for lodgers before lighting.

Small shops across Leicester prepare to close down for the second national lockdown

Businesses across Leicester and the rest of England are preparing for the latest national lockdown which started today (THU,NOV 5).

Leicester locals worried about extreme measures after seven-day Coronavirus infection rate spikes

Leicester’s seven-day Coronavirus infection rate is now at the highest point it has ever been, causing a great deal of stress and worry to those confined within the city.

Volunteers will be sleeping out to raise awareness on homelessness

A team of volunteers from Our Solutions CIC will be sleeping on the streets on the 2nd of November, to hand out food and raise awareness for the struggle of being homeless during COVID-19.